Saturday, 7 November 2009


I have received a letter from Peter and some photos

He has said -

his sister Margaret was killed in a road traffic accident aged 7 in 1947 – how sad that must have been. His brother Bill lives in Nottingham and has three daughters.

Peter still lives in Paignton with his wife of 47 years Cathy who was “adopted” by the Brown family in years gone by. He has three children and seven grandchildren. peterplum  In the photo above from left to right -

Shirley Cooper ( nee Hewitt) Mike Cooper, Mr Plumridge, Elsie Hewitt, Mrs Bishop, Peter & Cathy, Irene Brown (bridesmaid?) George  & Lillian  Brown, Alf & Maggie Mason.

Who else??

Peter went in the Navy & I remember him taking me dancing at the Parkham Wood Hotel in Brixham when  he came home on leave. I wonder if he can still dance?

More photos - peterplum 2

didn’t see many cars in Summervale

peterplum 1


Peter has also mentioned that he is in touch with Alan & Peter Beard, John Rogers and Cliff Hargest who are also still in Paignton.

Sunday, 1 November 2009


I have just finished the second edition of a newsletter for those who are not on the internet. Please let me have names and addresses of anyone who you think might like to receive it, now 4 pages no less!