Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Do any of you know anything about the location of the following Summervalians? I am eager to trace them, so I can invite them to the Summervale Reunion on Wednesday 27th June at the Shrubbery in Ilminster.
Please help locate them if you can.
John & Diana CORNFORTH
Hazel, Angela, Peter and Rodney HUMPHRIES
Mary and Pat RALPH
Joyce, Alan and Trevor STOCK
Julie and Lynn BISHOP
Marie, Loretta and Tony MACEY
Craig, Stephen and Erica SWIFT
If you can provide me with a current address, phone number or e-mail, I should be very pleased to hear from you.
Peter Westmacott (the boy from no.10)
tel 01502 716387
I’m sure Diane Cornforth still lives in Paignton – I have seen her.
Marie Macey lives in USA but I believe Tony lives in Yeovil?
Mary Ralph I also think lives in Paignton.
Joyce Stock lives in Paignton but has moved from Spencer Road to Gibson Drive I think.
I have written to a few including  Barry Vane but no interest has been shown. Reunions are not everyone’s cup of tea I guess.
Can Anyone  you help please?

Monday, 5 March 2012

REUNION–It’s going to be GOOD!

A Message from Peter who has been working so hard to make this a success.Bikes
He showed early promise in being an organiser! Here he is SITTING on the right of this photo supervising a bicycle repair workshop. Love that Gloria was the only girl to take part.

Hello Jean
Things are moving on swiftly! I've had a batch of cheques in the last couple of days. The current numbers are 47, I am pleased to say. The latest cluster brought in Carol and Marjorie Richards, Wenda Richards + husband, Allen Dixon, Stan & Beryl Kearney. Plus a few more Carol Brown + Dennis. Very pleasing this one!
The full list to the end of February is:
Jean Boyce
Peter & Glenys Westmacott
Clive & Pam Williams
Mary Williams + Mike
Mike & Maggie Smith
David & Beryl Westmacott
Adrian & Merle Hooke
Marion Brown + Fred
Irene Brown + Mike
Dianne Mothersele + Eric
Bob Chambers
Roger Everson
George Brown
Gloria Dixon
Mike Jolly
June Wakeham + Peter
Joan Wakeham + Robert
Derek Drayton
Edith Drayton
Norma Simpson
Brenda Simpson
Eileen Simpson
Margaret Mason + Peter
Max and Angela Swain
Beryl & Stan Kearney + Mrs Kearney
Allen Dixon
Wenda Richards + Brad
Carol & Marjorie Richards
Carole Brown + Dennis This is a total of 47 to date.
I have just posted another four letters. The magical figure of 50 suddenly looks in sight!!
Personally I am so pleased to see some of my parents generation coming – that is SPECIAL
clean house