Friday, 14 November 2014

Someone Else has found us


The Young Lady holding the tea set in the picture above is my mother Shirley Lenthall who sadly passed away in November 2013

Steve Lenthall 

Nice to hear from you Steve although sorry to hear that you lost your Mum a year ago. She must have been a good age.
Was your Dad Doug Lentell, I remember that name and I think he worked with my Dad, Percy Boyce.

Is this the photo you meant, a very beautiful lady.

I recognise  Eddy Vane and Dave Laughton but not the others. If you have any Ilminster photos we would love to see them if you could email them to me.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Another gone But not forgotten


Reading through the Summervale blog recently, I was greatly saddened to hear of George Brown's passing.  A lovely man and a real gentleman. I was so pleased to have seen him again at the Summervale reunion in 2012.
I have some sad news too.  My mother (Joan) passed away on 11th August in Berkshire. She was 91, a good age. In the last few years she had been suffering from dementia and it affected her badly.  I would appreciate it if you would mention this on the blog as I know she knew so many people in the Paignton and Ilminster areas.  If you still have that lovely photo of her and we three boys sitting with her in my grandparents' garden, you could publish it if you like.
So two more Summervalians have left us .........

 I could only find the photo already posted so I have copied it and hope it is of reasonable quality. I remember your Mum had a lovely smile and was very pretty.

Thursday, 28 August 2014


Dear Jean

I wonder if you could put on the Summervale site that Dad died 26th August and that his funeral will be on Monday 8th September at 10.30am at Torquay Crematorium and afterwards at th Palace Hotel Paignton.

He was in hospital for three weeks after a fall at home.

A hard act to follow.

Love from

Marion, Joan and Irene (nee Brown)

So sorry to hear this news but what a wonderfully long life he had and mostly in good health.
I will remember him trudging over Britton's  field carrying a huge tree trunk with my dad and they both had roll up's in their mouths.

RIP George and my condolences to the girls and their families.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Message from John Hodgson

I'm John Hodgson,now aged 86 so it,s unlikely you would remember me.We lived at 25.What you may remember are some of my unconventional vehicles.jah

John lived at no. 25 next door to the Durhams. Much older than me he is now 86 but by the miracle of the Internet he has found us.
I am hoping to hear more from him but if you have any memories of him please let me know.