Monday, 13 August 2012

Well Done Gloria!

When a padded envelope arrived this morning I thought my prayers had been answered and I was not disappointed.

A long letter From Gloria with a CD of photos from the reunion.

Before I post the photos Gloria mentioned the Noads. I remember them well as they moved into the bungalow next to us when the Durhams moved out.

Victor went to the boys grammar and Pam went to the girl’s grammar. We used to play tennis together despite some age difference.

I think Victor moved away although he kept in contact with my Dad for a bit. Pam used to live in Paignton  but I have not seen her for many years. Pretty sure she married someone from STC but not certain.

Back to the Photos.

Gloria has painstakingly named those she can remember but you know who you are so, sit back and indulge in some harmless nostalgia. After all, the Olympics have finished. What else to do?












Brenda & Norma Sinpson



June & Joan Wakeham

The Brown Family

Thank you Gloria, I have loved looking at these and reminiscing.


Tuesday, 7 August 2012


With so many people making it to the reunion I have been expecting lots of photos and letters especially as I was not there. Apart from a couple, no one has been in touch and I am just wondering if another meet, here in Torbay would be possible next year? The little feed back I have received was that those of you that made it did enjoy it and I am aware that many more might like a meeting nearer home.
Come on, please let me have your thoughts.
Peter Westmacott promises to do a write up of the reunion but I would like to hear from others as well. Were you surprised at recognising people after 50+ years?
Who had changed the most? Who still looked incredibly glamorous? Which of the men still caused a little heart flutter? What did you think of modern Ilminster? Did you stay over night ? Where did you go? Did you meet up with old school friends? Have you exchanged addresses and phone numbers?

If this blog is to continue I could do with a little help from you all. It doesn't take too long to drop me an email and send some photos. Let us keep it going. PLEASE.
In the meantime, as I was unable to attend I thought I should post a photo of me so that you might recognise me at some future date.
That is me on the left. The handsome man is my Mike.
This was taken back in May whilst visiting a bar in the old town square of Benalmadina. If you go to the Costa Del Sol do visit the old town high on the hill. So much nicer than the Marina where most people go.
Here is a pretty little white washed church shaded all around with pine trees Far from the Madding Crowd.



Thursday, 2 August 2012

More Reunion Photos from Joan Wakeham

If I told you how many hours it has taken for me to receive these photos from Joan you would not believe me.
Firstly, she sent me 15 separate emails with a photo attached with an explanation of who it was. However, when I opened the photos on my iPad there was the same one attached to all the mails.
I gave Joan a ring and we had a giggle about modern technology etc., she, of course thought it was her mistake but we finally realised that it was a fault with the iPad. A common problem – apparently.
So, that meant I had to check my webmail which was easier said than done as Sky had deleted my password (!) so that meant a phone call to them. Finally, I managed to actually see all the photos which I copied and pasted to my laptop.
With any luck, much touching of wood and finger crossing I hope they are here ………….
Mary Ralph with ?
Marion Brown
John Wood ( Joan’s cousin) with his wife Anne and Auntie Ruth
I am not sure who this is ?? Mike Smith?
No. this is Mike Smith I think.
Brenda and Norma Simpson
This is Peter Plumridge and Cathy I think.
George Brown
Mike Jolly and Bobby Chambers
The man I was supposed to marry – Clive Williams and his wife. Can’t see his freckles).
Bobby & Mike again.
Gloria and Peter
Malcolm Driver and Roger Everson
And last but not least -
Malcom Driver, Carol Richards. Bobby Chambers. Margaret Mason and Marjorie Richards.
Thanks to Joan for sending the above, I have loved seeing them and hope you do to.
Who will be next?