Thursday, 15 November 2012

Carole Brown R I P.

I am sorry to pass on the news that Dear Carole passed away on 21st. October after a  long and courageous fight.

Carole would have been 70 next January and very nearly made that milestone although she packed a lot into the years she did survive.

She managed to see her son married and  attend the Reception before being taken back to hospital. A very determined lady. Marion told me that she was very involved in several charities  which kept her busy and which reminded me of all the Red Cross work that her parents did.

I am also told that she thoroughly enjoyed the reunion and although I did not make it that gives me a lot of pleasure.

Here are some photos of her through the years.

Another birthday party

at the beach2

coro day



Navy knickers

on thr beach

The Browns


This last photo was taken at the reunion with her sisters and Gloria (an honorary sister!).

On behalf of all the Summervalians

Carole it was wonderful having you in our lives.flourskangelpink