Wednesday, 14 September 2011


hi Jeannie, little Bobby Chambers here, reunion, what a great idea. would be free most anytime. photos whisk me back to halcyon days, I’m pretty sure that is David in the bike photo. hunting for my own pics, will post soon as. best wishes LBC.

I would love to see your photos Bob, any of your Dad’s Bike and Sidecar? Loved that!


Barry Alan Bobby

Don’t you just love the Brylcream???Open-mouthed smile

Friday, 9 September 2011

From Peter Westmacott

Hello Jean
What a brilliant pair of photos these are. So clear and full of action. I don't ever recall seeing the one of all the boys working so eagerly on their bikes, over near the Dixon's house.
I think I can identify most of the boys shown. From left to right, the first is my brother Paul, then Gloria Dixon (I think) and Derek Drayton. In the next trio it is Mick Jolley, the one leaning over hard to tell, then my brother David. In the last group I have no idea who the boy is with his back to us, but the others are David Chambers, Alan Dixon and myself. Why on earth was I wearing a jacket (and tie?)? Perhaps I was supervising the others, or maybe I didn't want to get my hands dirty!
It was very difficult trying to identify all those in Mrs Newlyn's scout group. Yes, Clive is clearly recognisable in the middle. I think the one next to him, with his face half obscured,
might be Clifford Hargest. The tall boy in the topper might well be Craig Swift.
Lovely pics, Jean. Keep up the good work!!
Peter Westmacott

I was confused( so what’s new?) Allan Dixon looks smaller and younger than the others so even though I thought it was Gloria she looks older than him. Similarly, your little brother Paul looks older than Allan – strange.But I guess you are right and I also thought Clifford Hargest next to Clive.

Come on , someone else take the identity parade and help us out.


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A New(ish) Ilminster website

I came across this website a few weeks ago -

And I sent them an email asking if they would put a link on their site to our Summervale Blog.Under the Community heading they have a history section and I felt that we could add some interesting photos and stories to that.

They have agreed in principle to us interacting and I sent this email today -

I'm not sure how this will work with your website. Perhaps you could put a section under Community Groups headed - Post War Memories. I could then write a piece introducing my blog and including the link so that anyone interested could see the blog. They could then contact me direct.

I suggest that you and your committee could look at the blog -

so that you can see all the photos and read the memories of those who lived in Ilminster after the war and still call it " home".


In the meantime they sent me 2 great photos -

The Bike Boys


Allan Dixon and Peter Westmacott on the right & possibly David Chambers?


?? Michael Jolly, David Westmacott?


No idea! Help.


Note – there is a CAR outside Mike Smith’s bungalow – A rare occurrence.


Mrs Newlyn’s Scouts? ( She is at the back on the left).


I am assuming they are scouts as I don’t recognise anyone except Clive Williams – the love of my young life -


Clive in the middle in white.

Who are the others? Apparently this photo came from the Bristol Evening News.



Hi Jean,
Thanks for the photo and all the info.I have a small suitcase jammed full of photos of this era,my father ran the STC Social Club with others and was often the MC/compare at various functions in Ilmister.
Ron Dixon took most of these pics,when the bad weather arrives, I am planning to have a major sort out of my late fathers paperwork,photos and other various items.
A little bit of info about me,I decided to take early retirement from the radio comms business and at 60 I achieved my aim.
My wife and I are avid golfers so we have spent most of the summer playing golf and spending time with our two and a half year old
So there you have it,I will endeavour to dig out those pics and post them to you later in the year,well done for all the time
and effort you have put into the Ilminster project.
Best Regards.

Gloria did say you had loads of photos and I’m really looking forward to seeing them. I remember your Dad very well from the various concerts he was in.He made all us kids feel very comfortable if we went on stage.

Here is another photo of your parents with Maimie and Harry Everson in a boat somewhere. I don’t recognise the other couple.

Eversons, Vane &

I know Harry has died a few years ago – we used to correspond by e-mail , amazing at his age. Not sure if Maimie is still around. Someone may know ????


I recently trawled through Facebook entering various names of old Summervaleans. Found one familiar name and sent this message -

Are you the son of the late Eddy Vane who worked for STC in Paignton. If so, my name is Jean Boyce and I have a blog dedicated to Summervale and Ilminster. Please get in touch.

AND this morning I received this reply -

Hi Jean, Yes my father was Eddie,as you probably know he died nearly a year ago.The whole family inc.his great grandson were due to visit on his 95 birthday.Sadly he passed away a week before, we were all very sad he did not see his great grandson.I did hear there was a blog but at the time I could not bring myself to visit it, but as they say time is a good healer.Barry

Another to add to my list – how exciting


Yes, I received a letter from Gloria Dixon telling me about your Dad. Of course most of our parents have passed on but Mrs Satchell and George Brown are still here.

Just for you, here is a lovely photo of you aged about two? I hope you like it, will read the blog and perhaps contribute to some of the wonderful memories we all have. As you are much younger than me – I’m now 67, you will probably have some very different memories of Summervale.

barry vane & mum

If you have any old photos I would love to see them.