Tuesday, 6 September 2011


I recently trawled through Facebook entering various names of old Summervaleans. Found one familiar name and sent this message -

Are you the son of the late Eddy Vane who worked for STC in Paignton. If so, my name is Jean Boyce and I have a blog dedicated to Summervale and Ilminster. Please get in touch.

AND this morning I received this reply -

Hi Jean, Yes my father was Eddie,as you probably know he died nearly a year ago.The whole family inc.his great grandson were due to visit on his 95 birthday.Sadly he passed away a week before, we were all very sad he did not see his great grandson.I did hear there was a blog but at the time I could not bring myself to visit it, but as they say time is a good healer.Barry

Another to add to my list – how exciting


Yes, I received a letter from Gloria Dixon telling me about your Dad. Of course most of our parents have passed on but Mrs Satchell and George Brown are still here.

Just for you, here is a lovely photo of you aged about two? I hope you like it, will read the blog and perhaps contribute to some of the wonderful memories we all have. As you are much younger than me – I’m now 67, you will probably have some very different memories of Summervale.

barry vane & mum

If you have any old photos I would love to see them.




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