Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Hi Jean,
Thanks for the photo and all the info.I have a small suitcase jammed full of photos of this era,my father ran the STC Social Club with others and was often the MC/compare at various functions in Ilmister.
Ron Dixon took most of these pics,when the bad weather arrives, I am planning to have a major sort out of my late fathers paperwork,photos and other various items.
A little bit of info about me,I decided to take early retirement from the radio comms business and at 60 I achieved my aim.
My wife and I are avid golfers so we have spent most of the summer playing golf and spending time with our two and a half year old
So there you have it,I will endeavour to dig out those pics and post them to you later in the year,well done for all the time
and effort you have put into the Ilminster project.
Best Regards.

Gloria did say you had loads of photos and I’m really looking forward to seeing them. I remember your Dad very well from the various concerts he was in.He made all us kids feel very comfortable if we went on stage.

Here is another photo of your parents with Maimie and Harry Everson in a boat somewhere. I don’t recognise the other couple.

Eversons, Vane &

I know Harry has died a few years ago – we used to correspond by e-mail , amazing at his age. Not sure if Maimie is still around. Someone may know ????

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