Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A New(ish) Ilminster website

I came across this website a few weeks ago -


And I sent them an email asking if they would put a link on their site to our Summervale Blog.Under the Community heading they have a history section and I felt that we could add some interesting photos and stories to that.

They have agreed in principle to us interacting and I sent this email today -

I'm not sure how this will work with your website. Perhaps you could put a section under Community Groups headed - Post War Memories. I could then write a piece introducing my blog and including the link so that anyone interested could see the blog. They could then contact me direct.

I suggest that you and your committee could look at the blog -


so that you can see all the photos and read the memories of those who lived in Ilminster after the war and still call it " home".


In the meantime they sent me 2 great photos -

The Bike Boys


Allan Dixon and Peter Westmacott on the right & possibly David Chambers?


?? Michael Jolly, David Westmacott?


No idea! Help.


Note – there is a CAR outside Mike Smith’s bungalow – A rare occurrence.


Mrs Newlyn’s Scouts? ( She is at the back on the left).


I am assuming they are scouts as I don’t recognise anyone except Clive Williams – the love of my young life -


Clive in the middle in white.

Who are the others? Apparently this photo came from the Bristol Evening News.


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