Friday, 9 September 2011

From Peter Westmacott

Hello Jean
What a brilliant pair of photos these are. So clear and full of action. I don't ever recall seeing the one of all the boys working so eagerly on their bikes, over near the Dixon's house.
I think I can identify most of the boys shown. From left to right, the first is my brother Paul, then Gloria Dixon (I think) and Derek Drayton. In the next trio it is Mick Jolley, the one leaning over hard to tell, then my brother David. In the last group I have no idea who the boy is with his back to us, but the others are David Chambers, Alan Dixon and myself. Why on earth was I wearing a jacket (and tie?)? Perhaps I was supervising the others, or maybe I didn't want to get my hands dirty!
It was very difficult trying to identify all those in Mrs Newlyn's scout group. Yes, Clive is clearly recognisable in the middle. I think the one next to him, with his face half obscured,
might be Clifford Hargest. The tall boy in the topper might well be Craig Swift.
Lovely pics, Jean. Keep up the good work!!
Peter Westmacott

I was confused( so what’s new?) Allan Dixon looks smaller and younger than the others so even though I thought it was Gloria she looks older than him. Similarly, your little brother Paul looks older than Allan – strange.But I guess you are right and I also thought Clifford Hargest next to Clive.

Come on , someone else take the identity parade and help us out.


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