Wednesday, 14 September 2011


hi Jeannie, little Bobby Chambers here, reunion, what a great idea. would be free most anytime. photos whisk me back to halcyon days, I’m pretty sure that is David in the bike photo. hunting for my own pics, will post soon as. best wishes LBC.

I would love to see your photos Bob, any of your Dad’s Bike and Sidecar? Loved that!


Barry Alan Bobby

Don’t you just love the Brylcream???Open-mouthed smile

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  1. Look at MY BIG brother Barry and Dear Bobby had a thing for him ( not till Paignton tho ) Look at Alan's cheeky look. always that look in his eyes... Each one of them with a short back and sides cut.... Whoops and that a little dab will do it Brylcream... Can hear that old song "Those were the days my friend"... ETC ETC


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