Thursday, 2 August 2012

More Reunion Photos from Joan Wakeham

If I told you how many hours it has taken for me to receive these photos from Joan you would not believe me.
Firstly, she sent me 15 separate emails with a photo attached with an explanation of who it was. However, when I opened the photos on my iPad there was the same one attached to all the mails.
I gave Joan a ring and we had a giggle about modern technology etc., she, of course thought it was her mistake but we finally realised that it was a fault with the iPad. A common problem – apparently.
So, that meant I had to check my webmail which was easier said than done as Sky had deleted my password (!) so that meant a phone call to them. Finally, I managed to actually see all the photos which I copied and pasted to my laptop.
With any luck, much touching of wood and finger crossing I hope they are here ………….
Mary Ralph with ?
Marion Brown
John Wood ( Joan’s cousin) with his wife Anne and Auntie Ruth
I am not sure who this is ?? Mike Smith?
No. this is Mike Smith I think.
Brenda and Norma Simpson
This is Peter Plumridge and Cathy I think.
George Brown
Mike Jolly and Bobby Chambers
The man I was supposed to marry – Clive Williams and his wife. Can’t see his freckles).
Bobby & Mike again.
Gloria and Peter
Malcolm Driver and Roger Everson
And last but not least -
Malcom Driver, Carol Richards. Bobby Chambers. Margaret Mason and Marjorie Richards.
Thanks to Joan for sending the above, I have loved seeing them and hope you do to.
Who will be next?

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