Monday, 13 August 2012

Well Done Gloria!

When a padded envelope arrived this morning I thought my prayers had been answered and I was not disappointed.

A long letter From Gloria with a CD of photos from the reunion.

Before I post the photos Gloria mentioned the Noads. I remember them well as they moved into the bungalow next to us when the Durhams moved out.

Victor went to the boys grammar and Pam went to the girl’s grammar. We used to play tennis together despite some age difference.

I think Victor moved away although he kept in contact with my Dad for a bit. Pam used to live in Paignton  but I have not seen her for many years. Pretty sure she married someone from STC but not certain.

Back to the Photos.

Gloria has painstakingly named those she can remember but you know who you are so, sit back and indulge in some harmless nostalgia. After all, the Olympics have finished. What else to do?












Brenda & Norma Sinpson



June & Joan Wakeham

The Brown Family

Thank you Gloria, I have loved looking at these and reminiscing.


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