Monday, 5 March 2012

REUNION–It’s going to be GOOD!

A Message from Peter who has been working so hard to make this a success.Bikes
He showed early promise in being an organiser! Here he is SITTING on the right of this photo supervising a bicycle repair workshop. Love that Gloria was the only girl to take part.

Hello Jean
Things are moving on swiftly! I've had a batch of cheques in the last couple of days. The current numbers are 47, I am pleased to say. The latest cluster brought in Carol and Marjorie Richards, Wenda Richards + husband, Allen Dixon, Stan & Beryl Kearney. Plus a few more Carol Brown + Dennis. Very pleasing this one!
The full list to the end of February is:
Jean Boyce
Peter & Glenys Westmacott
Clive & Pam Williams
Mary Williams + Mike
Mike & Maggie Smith
David & Beryl Westmacott
Adrian & Merle Hooke
Marion Brown + Fred
Irene Brown + Mike
Dianne Mothersele + Eric
Bob Chambers
Roger Everson
George Brown
Gloria Dixon
Mike Jolly
June Wakeham + Peter
Joan Wakeham + Robert
Derek Drayton
Edith Drayton
Norma Simpson
Brenda Simpson
Eileen Simpson
Margaret Mason + Peter
Max and Angela Swain
Beryl & Stan Kearney + Mrs Kearney
Allen Dixon
Wenda Richards + Brad
Carol & Marjorie Richards
Carole Brown + Dennis This is a total of 47 to date.
I have just posted another four letters. The magical figure of 50 suddenly looks in sight!!
Personally I am so pleased to see some of my parents generation coming – that is SPECIAL
clean house

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