Friday, 17 June 2016

Terry Pell ( my brother's generation).

Subject: Still around Hi Jean/ just to let you know that at 82 I am still around and still spend a lot of my thoughts reminiscing about Ilminster and Summervale in particular and the wonderful childhood I had there until we moved back to London on my 12th Birthday. Hope you are keeping well (this is what I look like now!!!) Kind regards Terry xxx Hi Jean/ many thanks for your speedy reply. I am so very sorry to read of your COPD. Unfortunately as we get older our bodies do tend to start playing up. Very few of us are able to escape it happening to us. I have had 3 strokes the last one took a good part of my eyesight and I’m now registered severely partially sighted. Heart wise I have atrial fibrillation and a serious part blockage on a main heart valve but because of my past strokes they won’t operate on the basis that it would be too dangerous. I refer to myself (but not to anyone else) as ‘Mr Medication’. I can’t drive anymore and can’t take anymore holidays abroad but hey, I’m still here rather than in a fridge with a label on my big toe. My Wife Carol bless her fell over in the local market 3 weeks ago and fractured her left hand just below the wrist. The hospital has told her that it is going to be a long job so now she can’t drive either so I am now chief cook and bottle washer oh yes and ironer! Thankfully our next door neighbours are very good friends and take us wherever and whenever we need to go. I think that I have told you previously that when I returned to Summervale last (a long time ago) I found that the ‘kissing gate’ as the bottom of Brewery Lane approaching the rec was still there although it was best part hidden covered in weeds and long grass as the pathway had been moved just to the right of it so it was no longer used as in our time. Seeing it the memories flooded back and I could have cried. I was madly in love with Shirley Hewitt from somewhere around 9 years old until we moved back on my 12th. Birthday. Even at that age it broke my heart that I wouldn’t be seeing her any more. We were inseparable and her Mum treated me like one of the family . Along with our other friends we all tended to congregate around that gate. It was like a meeting place. Sadly as you know both she and her older Sister Iris have long since passed away. I find it a shame that your Summervale blog has fallen into misuse. I suppose as we all get that much older, it just had to happen somewhere along the line. Even at 82, I would still love to go back but I know that it isn't going to happen. No Jean I don’t know Irene. The name Forbes wasn’t known to me. Re IDF50, I have long since stopped using it. I put it down to the fact that with use and the great help it gave me, I gradually got cleverer and didn’t need it any more. I have now created a desktop shortcut to your site and will keep an eye on it. I would love to have this email mentioned in it as while it is unlikely, it just may stir something up. Please keep in touch Jean. Take care. I wish you well Terry xxx From: Jean Fisher