Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Janice remembers her sweeties

Loved the trot down memory lane about the Sweets... I never could suck the sherbet through the straw had to dip it in and suck off the sherbet...


Loved the Five Boys chocolate bar ... The kids were weird !!!

Pineapple chunks were great they lasted so long, but so did the ripped up tongue .

I loved Smiths crisps too with the little blue bag of salt all damp, which made it hard to sprinkle over the crisps... I can still remember the big pennies, really hard for a five year old to hold on to, for my tuppance worth of aniseed balls.

I thought walnut whips came out in the sixties, Mum and I loved them, bite the walnut off the top and see who could keep the shape while we sucked out the yummy filling to

get to the next walnut down the bottom...

Launched in 1910 by Duncan's of Edinburgh, Walnut Whip is Nestlé Rowntree's oldest current brand. Over one million walnuts, most of them imported from China and India, are used every week in the manufacture of Walnut Whips at Halifax, West Yorkshire. Nestlé claim that a Walnut Whip is eaten almost every two seconds in the UK

Mum Peter and I loved milk bottles, you got so many for tuppance...

Oh and rhubarb and custard ,

I can get those in a store over here called Cost Plus world market , they are all made by Bassetts. not for tuppance though..


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