Thursday, 9 December 2010


Remember the parties we used to have at STC. Great entertainment, food and rounded off by a present from Father Christmas.

STC certainly knew how to look after their employees and their


Here are some of Ron Dixon’s photos ………‘

Another STC party

I can see David Chambers and Mike Jolly  in the middle of  the front row aged about 8??

Not so sure it is a Christmas party. Could be the Coronation as the Union Jack is displayed.

Here is a closer look at half of the photo




Here is one of me singing for my supper


Here  we are waiting for the bus to take us to the factory


Me in the middle sucking my thumb which I did ALL the time. Mind you it never did drop off! I’m holding Shirley Hewitt’s hand.


This one is a Christmas party lets do a close up



Who do you recognise above?

Here are some of the X Factor contestants circa 1955


Joan Wakeham and me in the back row and Gloria Dixon and Christine Jolly in the middle row. Possibly Peter Symons in the fairisle jumper – front row.


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