Sunday, 5 February 2012

A post from Allen Day

This was posted in the comments way down on the blog but it deserves to be shown here.

I will keep writing these comments until I know at least one has gone thro!!! New fangled things sometimes takes a while to sort them out. It has been good to read the blog about Summervale. I used to live there with my mum and Ruth & Norman Day, in the same prefab as my cousins June,Joan,Cynthia and Lesley Wakeham, along with their mum and dad Rose and Bill.How we all lived in one prefab I really do not know!!!I remember many of the names on the list, so will try and get to the reunion. We now live in Summerlands, which was part of the old Summervale.Look forward to seeing many "old" faces Cheers Allen Day
As you can see Allen it has worked and thank you for taking the timer and effort to make contact.
I have also received your email and will reply direct. I remember you I'm sure as Joan and I were quite close as children.


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