Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Coming to your computer screen soon

Fingers crossed that is!
On Friday, or was it Saturday (?) a thick padded envelope arrived through the letter box. I was expecting a parcel so did not hurry to open it but, when I did, I was delighted.Summervale STC 031
True to his promise, Barry Vane has sent me some of his Dad’s photos; mostly of people who worked at STC rather than us kids. I saw photos of Lily Wren and her husband Dennis who  live in Brixham, as well as Claud Jolly and Eddy himself with members of the entertainment crowd.Summervale STC 029
So, as I am home alone on Tuesdays I carried the TV down to the office ( sad I know) switched on the laptop and the scanner and placed the first photos on the machine. Eventually found the “scan” button and waited.
Summervale STC 030
“Error, no memory stick inserted – try again”.
Great, now,  where was it ????????????????
Talk about sod’s law, I only gave it to my grandson on Sunday with some homework on it I had helped him with.
I am therefore sorry to say it will be a few days before I have done it but the wait will be worth it.
However, there was something else in the envelope  - an advertising poster.
Summervale STC 032
What a brilliant name for a variety Show – The Ilmaniacs ! Note the admission price.
A close-up of the artists appearing -
Summervale STC 033
Thanks to Barry for taking the trouble sending  the photos to me.

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