Monday, 15 July 2013

Photos from Paignton

I decided to give this Blog a rest for a while as it seemed that, after the reunion it was rather an anti climax.
I did not hear from anyone once the reunion photos had been posted so I shut the Blog down.
However, I recently heard from Roger Everson who sent me a couple of photos he had found.
They were taken in Paignton and I would think somewhere around the early 1960's.

A nice summery photo of, from left to right

Maimie Everson. Cissie Boyce. Rose Symons and Rose Wakeham.
BUT, Who is the girl????

And it looks as though the ladies were on their way to a party - see above.
At the back
Percy Boyce, blending in with the curtains, Michael Cooper but I don't recognise the other man.
Then we have
Maimie,  lady with a glass ?, my Mum,  Joan Wakeham and dear Shirley Hewitt who was married to Michael Cooper.
If you know those I cannot name please let me know.
I also recently heard from Diane (Mothersell) Friend who has moved recently.
Any news from anyone else would be very welcome.
Have a great Summer and enjoy this wonderful weather.

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