Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Janice Symons

GI am very sad to say that Janice died on 17th. January 2016 after a very long fight against cancer. Her prognosis was a few months but she exceeded everyone's expectations.
She died with her loving daughters at her side in California where she moved with John back in the 70's I think.

Growing up Janice always lived next door to me both in Summervale and in Paignton and I regarded her as my baby sister. In fact she was my bridesmaid when Mike and I married on 2nd. October 1965.
She was such a bubbly girl, full of fun and she had the most distinctive laugh which was so infectious.
I met up with her and John in Palm Springs several years ago and we met again in 2008 when we were on a road trip with four friends.
Thanks to the Internet we stayed in touch and even though she lost interest in Facebook I managed to keep in contact with her wonderful daughters Lisa and Kerry who have been their mother's rock during some very difficult times .
Such thoughtful girls, here is a recent post they made
"We tied mums scarf around lamp post in her honor and included our dads ashes too!!!  Emotional moment!  It's right by the carousel (which she loved) and beside the bridge called playmates arch!"

Bye bye Jan. Love you.

I thought I had posted this last year but apparently no. 
Better late than never eh Jan?

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