Monday, 27 July 2009

A Diamond Wedding Anniversary

I’m sure most Summervale kids will remember Fred Wren, he always lit our annual bonfire which took us weeks & weeks to build and just a few hours to burn.It was an excuse for making camps and also getting rid of any rubbish which had accumulated over the year.

Alan as Guy Fawkes 1949

In the photo above you can see Allan Dixon at the top but the only others I can identify are Christine Jolly on the left at the back and Tony Satchell on the left in the foreground.image

Do you recognise these little fellas?


The diamond wedding anniversary I attended recently was that of Lily Wren and Dennis Crockett.

They were married sixty years ago in the Minster ,on 16th April 1949, and I was the youngest bridesmaid.


It has been lovely reminiscing and talking over old times which has prompted me to start this blog.

Here is an up to date picture of Lily & Dennis who look ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC FOR 80+

Lillian & Dennis

And Me & Mike (WHO DON’T)!

me & Mike


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  1. I remember when I believe it was Tony Macey who fell in the canal and had the presence of mind to lift his hands above his head to grab a branch as he was disappearing under the sludge. He frightened all of us when he came back home and I think he was left deaf in one ear. Apparently he was about eighteen at the time. Marion (Brown)


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