Friday, 12 February 2010

Be My Valentine

imageimageValentine’s Day. What did it mean when we were kids? Not a lot as far as I remember, certainly nothing like the commercial big business it is today.

I fell in love very young – about 4 I think I was when asked to say who I loved by Shirley Hewitt.

me bike

Clive Williams, I said, I love Clive. That was a sign of things to come – I always went for the older boys.

Clive had red hair and freckles and if he ever reads this I guess he will be a bit embarrassed. Can’t help that – he was so cute.


I had to search hard to find a photo of him. Here we are at a birthday party with Mrs Williams in the background and Mary behind me.

Sadly, he never fancied me – Carol Richards was so much prettier.


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