Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Hello Jean
Yes, you were right about Bradburn's newsagents in Market Square. It is the one with the awning in your excellent photo of a deserted square. I wonder when Ron Dixon managed to take that one!

(Not one of Ron’s! Afraid I found it on the net!)

It would be very difficult to achieve that today. And thanks for naming the bakers (Tolleys) for me.
In our recent phone call, Mike Smith and I recalled Summervale days. Mike would come round to ours (No.10) for tea, especially on a Sunday afternoon after the traditional Sunday roast. Outside the summer months we would play endless games of monopoly, snakes and ladders (yes, still playing at 12-13 years old!), pontoon (thank Clive Williams for that one), lotto and, occasionally,
Chinese chequers. On the radio the Billy Cotton band show would be booming out, then "The Huggetts", "Educating Archie", "The Navy Lark" or "The Clitheroe Kid". I think we enjoyed most of these.

Then round about teatime we would be listening to the very thrilling, and sometimes scary , "Journey into Space", with David Jacobs, David Kossoff, etc. When this was on we always seemed to be eating celery for tea and, invariably, one of us would be crunching at a vital moment in the story! Shush, we'd shout! My Mum liked "Palm Court", a music programme on the radio, but Mike was never very impressed with this. Time to go home!
We would also go to Mike's house for tea with Uncle Reg and Auntie Dot. I was never quite sure why we called Mike's parents this, but we always did. They were very kind to our family and would help us in all sorts of ways, on at least one occasion providing us with some furniture. I especially liked it when they invited me round to watch floodlit football on TV. These were the early days of floodlit matches and I remember seeing Wolves v Moscow Dynamoes and Arsenal v Moscow Spartak. Very exciting!
Happy days!
Peter Westmacott

I remember roast lamb with minted peas from the garden and cricket on the wireless with that lovely sound of leather on willow. Very evocative of hot sunny summers. Tony used to play a lot of sport and I remember him playing one afternoon in Chard. I was always sick as a kid if it was hot and sunny and that day was no exception. We all walked into the pavilion for a tea of sandwiches and cakes and I threw up in the corner. Don’t recall any other cricket matches!

Two way Family favourites on the Light programme:

The time in Britain is twelve noon, in Germany it's one o'clock, but home and away it's time for "Two-Way Family Favourites" with Jean Metcalfe and Cliff Mitchelmore-

twff .

Most Exciting programme during the week?


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