Thursday, 24 June 2010

Memories from Janice

Hope your Summer is going GREAT for you ... Have to ask ...This weekend I had all the kids over for Father's Day and the Girls asked if I had sun block for the kids. I did, and they sprayed them down, I could not stop laughing when they asked what my mum  used on us !!!! I told them Olive Oil mixed with vinegar, Mixed up in a washed out bottle of  Heinz salad cream... Olive Oil so we didn't dry up and vinegar to take the sting out of the sunburn, we smelled like a bag of chips ! Was my mum the only one who did this ? Oh and the sand stuck to us like salt on hot Fries, that was the sun block part I am guessing, still laughing now, and the Girls are still in shock !Have a Lovely Day Jean, Hello to Mike and Emma

Take care Love Jan


imageWell, here is the bottle, I don’t remember the olive oil but I remember the vinegar – yuck.







I can’t find a photo of Janice on the beach – she was a baby but here are me, Joan Brown and Gloria.

at the beach 


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