Saturday, 3 July 2010

More Memories from John Satchell

hi jean,

some newly awakened summervale memories....


your comments about that "small glassblowing business in west street" reminded me that my dad Jack (cricket team captain for STC - Iilminster!!), and Mr . Kearney, i think he was called Reg,

 (No, Stan was the name)

but always known as "shag") also had a small glassblowing business, only theirs was in Ditton street, in a tiny rented shop, and they called themselves "Kearney and Satchell".

imageStan Kearney

image Jack Satchell

They made all sorts of stuff, can't remember if anything was subcontracted out from STC(where "shag!!" was the glass shop foreman and dad was the small valve assembly foreman), but they did make dreadfully complicated contraptions that were used at the Horlicks plant for the early artificial insemination experiments on cows, and also lots of little coloured glass ornaments which I'm sure some of you must remember decorating the mantle shelves in the "bungalows".

(Someone, probably your Dad John, made me a 21st. glass key but that was in Paignton.)JJ

I got into stained glass design as a hobby a while back, so maybe this glass thing runs in the family!!

i well remember working for three months with David in the glass shop at STC Paignton (also run by "shag"), when i was passing through there as a student apprentice. David was really good fun to work with, and made a generally miserable time at STC for me a bit of a laugh for a while!!!

Can't think of any link to that other Ilminster glass business, except that maybe "Kearney and Satchell" sold out to them before we all left Ilminster, 'cos fishing, stamp collecting and wood turning took over dad's life when we got to the coast!!



of course we Satchells used the same formula for home-made sun tan lotion, how could we not when our Mums were first cousins and best friends??

image Rose & Jessie

we probably didn't use olive oil in ours though - that would have been too expensive (remember you had to buy it in very small bottles from the chemists?)  for mum to afford way back then - we probably did use chip oil!!! it didn't work though - I just had a run in with a surgeon to remove  a skin cancer that she reckoned started with sun exposure when I I  was a kid!!! mum is always remembering stuff that she and Rose did when they were girls, she really misses her a lot. Did you know that your Mum and Dad were their best man and matron of honour, my godparents, and that your Mum assisted at my brother Tony's birth at home in Summervale??? You can't get any close than that!  They had grown up together in London, gone to school together and right to the end were always friends. Even now just passing your old house in Paignton makes mum very sad.


I do appreciate all the hard work you put in on this blog, i used to edit a website myself and know how hard it is to keep coming up with fresh ideas, but you DO just that, and for that I'm sure we are all very grateful!

Take care - John

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  1. How interesting this is. And, I have NO clue what Cricket is..:)
    Thanks so much for coming by and....YES, MAM'AM,
    the 4th Of July is VERY special, indeed. :)
    xo bj


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