Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Peter PS :

Hello again Jean
Loved your pics and food memories. You certainly recalled a lot.
A few more food snippets from 1950s Summervale:
     *  Mother sending us off to watch Somerset play cricket at Taunton with a load of beetroot  sandwiches in our bags.  You should have seen our T-shirts after lunch!

  *  Mother making a steak and kidney pudding using one of her old stockings!

My mum used to use a square of old sheeting – I still do it that way , Just doesn’t taste the same using foil. A little water in the crust adds a certain – Je ne sais Quoi.
  *  Fish in milk. Ugh!  We had this most weeks. I love fish now but that early experience could   have put me off for life!

  *  Marmite sandwiches.  Say no more!! 

  *  Lambs' hearts - mother first gave us these when I was about 12. They were lovely, full of  lean meat.

O No – bet you liked liver too!

Up until then so much meat that we ate seemed to me to be full of fat and  gristle, consequently I didn't like it much and tried to avoid it if possible!

Peter W

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