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Dave Westmacott Remembers ……………..

You will notice we haven't been on the blog since September, due to house move as you know and internet problem, sorted out now. we have read all the blog info since, very interesting.

Never did finish my first lot of memories, we got as far as (up to mischief in Summervale). So hear goes the next couple of episodes,Named "the wagon wheel bonanza" and "Scrumping from Britton's". Can anyone remember the wagon wheel bonanza and who was in the gang apart from myself and Mick Jolley,

wagon wheel

trying to eat the amount of Wagon Wheels we found would have been impossible in one go for two or more lads and they were twice the size then as they are today that's if they are still made. For those who do not know what wagon wheels are, they were large chocolate covered biscuits the size of a small plate.

In the gang we were out wondering and ventured into the lane at the bottom of the rec to the football tea hut, discovering the door open and being the mischievous, nosey lads that we were, we had to go in and

check it out we found a large box or two open, needless to say the temptation was too great,we quickly took them back into the lane and under the far hedge and then had a feast, the four of us could not finish them all, I can't remember going back for a second helping, but others did, it took me ages to even think of trying to eat another wagon wheel, don't think I've had one to this day and I know we felt sick and it serves us right!!!!

They did seem huge didn’t they but we had small hands in those days. I never liked them, Very fussy and totally spoilt I would only eat proper chocolate such as Cadbury’s or Fry’s or Terry’s. Do you remember Bond’s chocolate – YUCK!


After that, scrumping apples in Britton's field was more tasty,


even though we were chased quite often, do any of you remember that high fence, if you were on the inside and got chased, it was a mad panic scramble to get back on the other side (that was the field on the left after you went through the swing gate at the bottom of Summervale's lane, I think it is Brewery Lane) I tore my trousers on many occasions it was more of a sport then if you were fast you would get your price "the apple" heard the shouts behind us but never got caught, what athletes we were we could have entered for high jump or pole vault if we had kept training.We were all scared, but the excitement took over.

I remember scrumping apples from the field below The Shubbery Hotel. I loved climbing trees but was terrified of falling once up there. Many a time I was pushed or pulled.

Just an added one talking of Brewery Lane, has reminded me of wasps which were often about in the summer along the banks of the Lane and if disturbed could be a pest, this of course made both myself and Mick Jolley very annoyed, even though now looking at the situation, we could have taken the sensible route home which was across the bottom of Summervale and up the hill to no. 10, but being young we didn't want to be sensible so we had a plan and Mick's idea was to do a bombing raid on the wasp nests, something like the dam busters but done by hand. With a bomb of fireworks, ten strapped together we placed carefully into the bank in the nest, being the daring one, Mick would light it whilst I retired to a good 10 yards away and waited for him to start running, of course we watched till the bank blew open to our horror, we hadn't thought these wasps would still fly and boy did they fly, in a swarm at least three yards wide, once again we were athletes, we must have broke the 50 yard record for trying to get home, much too late of course, I had five strings, two on my head and various others on arms and legs, can't remember how many Mick had didn't see him till the next day and we still went to school. We had to!!!!!!!! today they would have been off for a few weeks and been to the doctors. We were built pretty tough in those days. More to follow such as school day friends and teachers and the 1st. school magazine 1st. December, 1957. Hope you and family are Ok Jean. all the best Dave No: 10.

Thanks for those stories David and glad to have you back. More please.


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  1. That's a lovely story. I don't know why on earth I haven't checked your other blogs. I've really enjoyed this visit. Wagon Wheels? I used to love them. I haven't thought of them in years but I can remember how good they tasted. Well, I'm not from that area but I really enjoyed reading this story.


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