Monday, 13 June 2011

Adrian Hooke has said -

In the second picture down in the Weymouth section is a blond girl eating a banana (she also shows up in the center of the 4th picture down). I think that is Carol Whiting and I seem to remember that she and her brother Graham were twins. Aren't they the ones who were diagnosed with TB and sent off to a sanitariam for treatment? I remember them returning with the most incredible tans, probably from sun-ray machines. I often wonder what happened to them after that, given the state of 1950s technology.

Adrian Hooke

Monday, June 13, 2011

No, That is Carol Brown in both photos Adrian.
Exmouth Outing 1954
Carol Whiting is in the header photo above of our first day at the Convent school along with Gloria and Carol's twin brother Graham.
1st. day at Convent 1948I don't remember the TB incident although I know Charlie Symons had it and was sent to convalesce near Bovey Tracey long before we left Ilminster.
does anyone know where Carol and Graham are?


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