Monday, 7 November 2011

More from our on the spot reporter– Peter W.


I think this was the house on High Street where I collected the papers for my Sunday morning round. I believe Mike Smith did a round from here too. Did anyone else?image

Mr Britten's house in Brewery Lane. What rent did we pay him for our prefabs? Was it 5/- a week or 7/6d? Can anyone remember?


Me with my back to "The Green" - now full of houses. Our prefab was to the left of the picture. Is the road wider now that when we lived there?


A fairly empty Market Square. "Frame of Mind" was Mr. Bradburn's newsagents, where I had a morning and evening paper round. Part of "The George" now an upmarket restaurant.IMG_3458

I recall this Silver Street cafe as a milk bar, where we would enjoy our milkshakes on a Saturday morning. I'm fairly sure it had a juke box. Can anyone remember?

I remember the Meadow Vale Cafe just along the road from the church and opposite the Chemists.JJ


Formerly Mr Giles, the newsagent's shop in Silver Street, with the narrow Wharf Lane on the right. We spent many an hour in here pouring over his stamps. Sometimes he would drop hints for us to leave, if we didn't look like buying any stamps!

My Mum used to go Old Time Dancing with Mrs Giles & Mrs Hurlstone.from the bike shop. I just remember some beautiful dresses with layers of coloured  net. i learnt to dance before i could walk – almost.JJ


Bonners the butcher, formerly Britten the butcher. I recall going in here with my mother and,occasionally,on my own on an errand for her. She always said he was a very rich man!

Faggots and sawdust come to mind seeing this shop. My Mum always said that the faggots were made with she didn’t buy them.JJ


Now the town library in Ditton Street. Was it a library in the 50s? I never remember going in it.

Yes I remember it well.I was an avid reader in those days and loved The Famous Five books which i read at an early age. One of many buildings built of Ham stone from the nearby quarry. Mellow yellow gets better with age.JJ


Tesco gets everywhere! In Ditton Street looking towards Market Square, with Blackdown View at the top. I think I remember a shirt factory on the left beyond the second car. Was it called Days?


Looking towards the football "grandstand" at the Rec. We spent many a happy hour there, including hanging around in the stand, though we never sat in it on match days. We usually stood behind the goal at the Summervale end, having sneaked in for free!

The grandstand was where we often played games. We must have been small as we had to climb up the steps they were so deep.JJ


The stand looked a bit tatty when we visited. I suppose it's been there for over 60 years. I recall the extension to the main stand being built in the early 50s.

The grandstand was where we often played games. We must have been small as we had to climb up the steps they were so deep.JJ


Not sure where in the Rec this is ? JJ


Thanks for the trip down memory lane Peter. JJ

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