Thursday, 29 October 2009

Another one Found !

Clifford Hargest has been in touch. Great to hear from him, unfortunately I don't have his address.However it was great to hear from someone I was giving up hope.

If you read this Cliff please contact me here or by e-mail and ask Peter to get in touch too. Mike Smith & other STC apprentices have been trying to track you down without success.


Tripped over Peter Plumridge at the 19th hole at Churston a day or so ago and he mentioned this blog. Would never have believed a list of names could invoke so many fond memories. Must be a wealth of photos in the loft if I could pluck up the courage. In the meantime, what was the name of the cinema where for 6d a whole Saturday morning could be lost?
Cliff Hargest #37 1948 to 1958


Tuesday, 20 October 2009

More Info on Michael Mothersele

Hi Jeanni   

Please to have you back hope you had a great holiday.

I have now received Michael death certified he died on the 3rd June 1954 age 10. I am now enquiring into Michael birth date. I have had the go ahead from the Vicar to have a memorial plaque placed on his grave.

Regards Dianne.


Thank you for keeping us informed but how sad to read his life was cut short after only 10 years. However, I can tell you, and I expect others can too, that he was a very cheerful boy and had many friends.

Methodist party 1948JJ

Monday, 19 October 2009

News From Terry Pell

Hi Jean,

I was very pleased to see again the photo of the house now obviously owned by the Brittains looking very grand as indeed it was during the war and my time in Summervale.

Brittens house

As a point of interest, at that time the house was owned and occupied by a very wealthy family name unknown,  and every Saturday morning at 10am  accompanied by Brian Mortlake we would knock at that door and spent the next 2 hours at a table cleaning all the silver being  paid 6d each for our efforts straight afterwards. I always remember that as you walked along the hallway there was a full size suit of armour standing on the right between two doorways.

On one of my visits when I was drawn back to Summervale, I was saddened to see this beautiful house empty, in a very bad state of repair and completely boarded up.

On another visit part of the very long garden of the house plus the field at the bottom of it to the left of Brewery Lane had been built on as has the sloping fields that we all used to sledge down.

I have heard a joke that the Brittains (Ex 'Farmer Brittains' Family) now own a very big  portion of Ilminster. Just how true that is I have no idea.


Monday, 12 October 2009


Great holiday - read all about it at -

I was hoping to come home to some messages from Summervalians but no, absolutely nothing!

Come on, let's get this site buzzing with news and views and lots of nostalgia.
Here is a photo of the Boyce's and the Symons' walking from the coach to the beach at Weymouth. Can you remember the fairground at the back?

Charlie is carrying Janice, ( a bit lighter in those days Jan!) and me already showing signs of weight gain in later life. Hey Ho! If only I knew then what I know now.