Sunday, 1 August 2010

David Westmacott Reminisces

Hello once again jean from DW -

This is more of an introduction to

Summervale on moving their in 1954 and what has been

happening in my life in the last 50 years or so.

Our family moved to summervale in 1954 a year after the coronation, from

Princess Risborough in Bucks and settled into No:10 on the estate of prefabs numbering some 50, which were 25 semis. We enjoyed the stay which seemed like at least 10 years but was only 4. The temporary estate which was constructed,was made after the war only to be used for a certain number of
years,summervale existed longer than most expected. The prefabs were very basic but cosy and very efficient with the fire and back boiler/cooker which kept us very warm in the winter. Mum (Joan)
Peter and Paul my brothers were the family.

We are now all living in different counties, Mum and Paul Maidenhead, Berkshire, Peter in Beccles, Suffolk and myself in Headingley, Leeds, West Yorkshire.

We moved to Paignton, S.Devon along with most of the Summervalian's to go to  work at STC, which I worked at for just over a year in the laborotory glass shop. My foreman at STC was Stan Kearney who

is on the blog,I gained experience of glass work from him in Ilminster at his two glass shops,doing work after school and at weekends (more about that later).

In Paignton some people stayed at White Rock estate near the factory others like ourselves lived at Foxhole estate,the community spirit disappeared somewhat in Paignton compared to the smaller

town of Ilminster. Tht circular green and the willows and fields and Herne Hill still bring back many memories and do so right up to this day. I found the STC factory life not for me and being more mechanically minded at school in metal work and tech drawing and after buiding things with my hands such as push bikes at the age of 12, I moved on and turned to cars  at 16 from then till I was 21 worked at various garages in Paignton.

Leaving Paignton in 1965 I moved to Leeds, West Yorkshire and after gaining more experience started my own garage business in the early 1970's and semi retired in 2008.

I still live in Headingley with my partner of 39 years, Beryl. We have no children, Beryl has had her own fashion shop for 25 years, we both seemed to have has very little time for a family.

I have been back to Ilminster on several occasions to see Summervale and the town. Something seems to draw me back there just to see it all again, I don't know if the same goes for the other old

summervalian's I grew up with. It would be nice to hear from some of them again. The last time I went back it had GONE!!  in  2006, previous to this I watched over period's of time the demolition of the estate it went in stages - sad!!, but they can't take away the memories. Now Summervale has a different top entrance further along the road and has a different NAME - the cheek of it! taking away our Summervale! and renaming it Summerdale or something like that, the new mews type housing  did not appeal to me and at the bottom, I preferred Britton's fields, the housing near the rec did not look much better, one good thing Herne Hill is still there, but it looks much smaller, never mind that's change for you Jean.
Bye the way Mum (Joan) is 88 now we spoke to her recently and have been to see her, the last time on a visit your name came up along with other Summervalian's and people fromPaignton.  
The cricket photo on the blogg looks good I well remember you and your family and the house behind the cricket scene must be yours,which was the semi next to Nan and grandad's. I can't remember playing much on that corner, because I found them to be very strict like most were in them days, couldn't get up
to much mischief watched by their beedy eyes !

All the best to you and your family - more to follow, regards DW..

Thanks David. Who will be next to contribute?
Here is my interpretation of The Willows at the bottom of the Durham's garden.

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