Monday, 2 July 2012

From Peter -

Hello Jean
I had several Summervale photos on display at the reunion and we were able to fill in quite a few of the missing names.
The photo with the ladies standing outside The Crown waiting for a coach to take them shopping/cinema:

ladies at crown
In the back row, to the right of Iris Hewitt, is Margaret Palmer, then Audrey White is next to her.  In the front row, to the right of Joyce Stock, is Shirley White (Audrey's sister).
It seems that none of these is a Summervalian.
The photo of the boys from 1950 with the woman in the back row:

Summervale boys 1950
It seems that this was a mixture of Summervale boys and others.  It was a cubs' outing.  The boys are as follows:
Front row (L to R):    Clive Williams,  David Knott, Tommy Smith with dogs (he lived in no.48), Robert Male (he was a friend of my brother David), Cliff Hargest, Kenny Isaacs, Allen Dixon.
Back row: (L to R):   Max Swain, Stephen Swift, David Turner, Ray Cozens, Michael Hopkins, John Scrivens (dad had electrical shop in West Street).
Nobody knew who the woman was.  Surprisingly, I knew 10 of the 13 boys. I didn't know Tommy Smith, David Turner or Ray Cozens.  Most of the others I recall playing with, either in the Rec or in Summervale.

The photo of the group of Summervale children on The Green in about 1950.

Old Friends - 1950_thumb[1]We were able to name them all apart from one:
Front row (L to R):   Clifford Hargest, Philip Richards, Christine Jolly, Gloria Dixon, Mike Jolly and ??????????
Centre row (L to R):  Valerie Jolly, Pat Laughton, Mary Ralph, Peter Humphries.
back row (L to R):    Derek Drayton, Tommy Smith (lived no.48), Allen Dixon.
More to follow later.

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