Wednesday, 19 August 2009


I received an email from Marion this morning giving me loads more names and correcting others. I have updated the list which must be virtually complete now – shouldn’t it?

Marion still lives locally as does Irene and ………………… her Dad George is still in Spencer Road!

I can only find this photo of George taken of the Dads at the Coronation Party.

I have enlarged George along with Mr. brown







Carol lives in Somerset and Joan in Ireland -

Here is a lovely photo taken by Ron Dixon of the four girls, plus Gloria, waiting to go on the annual Methodist coach trip to the seaside.

Umm, perhaps not, bit overdressed for a visit to the seaside - we had a summer in those days. So, where were they off to I wonder.

The Browns

I must include a photo of Lil Brown – such a lovely lady who spent a great deal of her time helping others via the RED CROSS.image

Just coincidence that My Mum is on the left  & Elsie Chambers on the right in the foreground.

If my map is numbered correctly, the Browns lived at number - 38. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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