Sunday, 9 August 2009


Sitting in the doctor's waiting room on Friday I heard the receptionist say -

" OK Mr. Jolly, take a seat". My ears pricked up and I saw this guy and knew immediately who it was.

Here he is standing in front of me waiting for our Coronation money. 1953!

Like all of us, 50 odd years later, older but still recognisable despite the beard.

I said hello, he looked up puzzled and then said "JEAN BOYCE well I never" and we hugged liked long lost cousins.

Strange how most of us still have that wonderful bond after all these years later. Some extended family eh?

We did not have long to chat but he did tell me he had recently bumped into Carol Richards and met her Mum too.

Carol and I were best friends for many years but have sadly drifted apart, life taking us in different directions but I still have my memories. Wonderful thing memories. Remembering back to Summervale days we are transported back, through the years and can once again relive our childhood.

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