Saturday, 15 August 2009


I just had a visit from John Satchell & his Mum and they have given me loads more names to add to the list.

For those who remember Jessie she looks absolutely amazing and although I know her age she would kill me if I told you. However, John is 65, the same as me, so you can guess she is running out of eights!

She still has her platinum blonde hair, beautifully coiffured, and full makeup with pretty pink nails. Here she is with her grand daughter Dani ( Tony's daughter).

Here she is doing her bit for Dig For Britain

jessie garden

She also appears to have total recall and remembered many people I had forgotten. John has obviously inherited this streak as he came up with several names too. I will add them all in a moment.

John now lives in London with his lovely wife Sue and Tony lives in New Zealand.

stan and mum

Here are Jessie, John & Tony with Stan Kearney, his daughter Maureen (on the right)June & Joan Wakeham on the left..

And Jack Satchell with his boys circa 1950

The Satchell family have a special place in my heart as I travelled down to Paignton with them on 27th March 1957 in Jack Satchell’s car. Going up Telegraph Hill was a real challenge. Fifty two years have just passed in a flash.

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