Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Terry Pell

So pleased to hear from Terry. He is my brother’s age so I don’t remember him from Summervale – we met on an Internet forum would you believe. Can’t quite remember how but it was something to do with prefabs. Anyway, here is his mail which is the first to be published here.

Exciting eh?

Quote - Although now aged 75 my heart like yours still very much remains drawn to Ilminster and Summervale in particular to which I have returned a few times over the years.

My family, Reg, Ethel, Ronny & Terry Pell who lived at no.44 ~( later occupied by the Satchell family) returned to London in 1946 on my 12th birthday so obviously, many of the names mentioned in the blog are unknown to me. The ones that I well remember are obviously you and your brother Tony, Shirley & Iris Hewitt, Barbara & Janet Hudson (our immediate neighbours), Maureen Kearney (her father Stan was my fathers best friend, both being Glassblowers) and not so much Peter but Billy Plumbridge his elder brother who was my best friend.


Iris's birthday

A name not on your list is Brian Mortlock.His mother Gladys used to pay me sixpence a week to take him to school each day and one day when I went to collect him, he was not ready and when I offered to clean his shoes, his mum turned down the offer because "I would use too much polish". On a similar theme and another missing name, as there was a good film showing at the Plaza I went to see if another friend of mine John Rounce would go with me but he had been playing in the garden and had grubby hands. His mum was busy cooking and didn't trust him to wash them properly so she said no, you can't go. I offered to wash them for her and she refused saying that I would use too much soap. She relented however, washed him herself and off we went to the pictures.

I have so many happy memories of those times, another one relating to the Plumbridges. Billy's mum put on a Birthday party for him attended by quite a few of us kids. During the party Mrs Plumbridge went round the table pouring out drinks for us. Shortly afterwards one of the kids asked her if she had any jelly and Mrs Plumbridge replied "you have just drunk it, it never set" Unquote

Who will be next?

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