Sunday, 10 July 2011

First there was me and you now Gordon Ramsey!

    THE Square 1 Brasserie in Ilminster is becoming something of a ‘hang-out’ for famous people.
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    It was only a couple of weeks ago that Prime Minister David Cameron and his family popped in for breakfast while on their way for a holiday in Cornwall.
    Then TV chef Gordon Ramsay was there for lunch on Saturday – and the News has been told he was perfectly polite and there wasn’t a swear word to be heard!
    He was happy to meet fans outside who were looking for autographs and photographs with the loudmouth chef.
    Among those who met him were sisters Holly and Martha Rogers, 16 and 12, of Ilminster.
    Their mum, Sarah, said: “Gordon was lovely, and when he came out of Square 1 the children swarmed round him.
    “He was really nice and didn’t swear!
    “The children followed him all the way back to Tesco car park where he’d parked.”
    A few months ago it was reported that Ramsay had bought a house in Ilminster in Station Road.
    Anyone know where – I can’t find anything on the Council planning lists. There was a large house which was a boys home ????

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