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Re my comment left on Tues July 26th.
Hi! My name is Susan Dooney (nee Loxham) and as I said previously Eddie and Alice Bradburn were my Grandparents from my mothers side (Brenda Loxham nee Bradburn). I now live in St Annes Lancashire but as a very young child my family and I lived in a cottage on a farm in Whitelackington. I seem to remember that we collected our milk from the farmer in churns while it was still warm. I went to school in Ilminster although I am unable to recall it's name. My mum would frequently walk me to school across the fields from Whitelackington. I also have a vivid memory of a farriers on the roadside in Whitelackington. Ilminster carnival time also sticks in my memory and if I remember rightly it was a big occasion.
I came across this blog quite by chance. I had been using google maps to see what the streets around Ilminster looked like now. I was unsure of the name of the street that my grandad's newsagents stood on. I typed newsagent's in Ilminster and couldn't quite believe it when reading Peter Westmacottt's entry.


Hi Susan,

  • Thanks for replying. Most of us are aged between 60 and 70 now  ( still kids at heart though)  so I don’t know if you might remember any of us. North Street school was the primary/ junior school just above your grandfather's shop. It was divided in two – Boys on the left and Girls on the right. Seems archaic now that sort of segregation doesn’t it?
  • Here is a photo of the school - eurodamilminster 075
  • Funny what you remember isn’t it! When I passed the 11+ my uncle took me to your grandfather’s shop and bought me a fountain pen – it was a turquoise colour and made by Onoto.
  • I have never heard of them since so I googled the name and they are still in production and make luxury pens so I guess I should Onoto Royal Ballet Aspirations Penshave taken better care of it!
  • We would love to hear your reminisces of Ilminster and your childhood  so if you feel like writing about them please do.

Thanks again Susan


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  1. Hi Jean
    great to see a picture of the old school. I thought it was only up the street from my Grandad's shop. The only thing that I really remembered was the fact that there were two doors at the front and boys used one and girls the other. My other memory is the knickers that we had to wear for PE....not a pleasent memory and put me of PE for life. It's just a pity that my grandparents or parents are not around to read these posts.


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