Sunday, 31 July 2011

DEAR SUSAN–a message from Peter

Hello Jean
I was very interested in the recent entries you received from Susan Dooney (nee Loxham). I'm not sure if I knew Susan or whether she went to the secondary modern school in Ilminster. However, as she said she lived on a farm at Whitelackington I wondered if she knew a friend of mine from the village called Derek Johnson. He and I were at school together and I seem to recall going out to his place at Whitelackington in one of the long summer holidays.
I haven't heard anything about Derek since I moved from Ilminster to Paignton in 1956, although somewhere along the line I think I heard that Derek and his family had emigrated to Australia, sometime in the late 1950s and 1960s.
Susan - did you know Derek and, if so, have you heard anything about him since he emigrated?
Hope you might have some information for me.
Peter Westmacott

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  1. Hi Peter
    I think I am a little younger than you. I was born in 1959. My memories at Whitelackington are limited but I am sure we lived in one of two thatched cottages. My father was in the the Navy based at Yeovilton. I only attended infant school in Ilminster for a couple of years as we moved to Yeovil. I have been trying to remember just where my Grandma and Grandad lived in Ilminster but can't remember the name of the road. What I do remember is that the front room overlooked fields (where we used to play)and you could see the Horlicks factory. I will see if I have any pics from Whitelackington. Is it possible to upload to this site?


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