Thursday, 14 July 2011

More from Peter – Summertime Memories

A few more to add to the previous list:
* Making peashooters from old cow parsley stems and using dried peas or hawthorn berries as ammo

* Lying in bed on hot summer nights with Vaseline plastered on my legs (eczema!)
* Drinking tepid milk - no fridge in our house then
* Rolling around in the hay with my brothers in the fields on the way to Herne Hill

* Collecting birds' eggs (naughty boy!)
* Helping my grandfather pick blackcurrants and gooseberries in his garden
* Caravan holidays at Weymouth
* Getting stung by stinging nettles and searching for the remedy - dock leaves
* Filling my socks with white powder to combat athlete's foot
* Noticing the peonies in my grandfather's garden and thinking "what a strange flower!"
In the previous set of memories I sent you Jean, you wondered who we had been playing doctors and nurses with in our tent.
The usual suspects - Mary Williams, Valerie Jolly, the Richards girls and I think Joan Wakeham was occasionally in there.
All perfectly innocent, of course!
Happy days
Peter Westmacott

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