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Dear Jean

Since last Oct Your Blog has been a life line for me, so good to get lost in the past for a few minutes ... Thanks too, to others that have sparked memories... I remember from your posting that you lived in Love Lane, Mum and Dad lived there too, she told me she was happy to move to Summervale. The posting of all the food really got me going, I love British food , but now with a little flair of French in it, thanks to my Hero Gordon Ramsey, and to think he may come and live in my Home town... Well better go, THANKS again for the Blog I love it

Love Jan xoxox

Hi Jan,

Thanks for your email posted above. You do not remember Summervale as you were only three when you moved to Paignton so I need to put this right.






Here is a photo of you ( in the front) with me on the left but I don't know who the other girl is.

That is Joe, our lovely dog sitting quite happily dressed in my navy blue knickers and school tie. He was a real character and loved by many – especially by Nell Hewitt and family.

You can just make out a row of runner beans in the background – I still love them.







Here you are being carried by your Dad as we all make our way to the beach at Weymouth. you can just see your Mum and Aunty Pat behind us.I guess the boys had run on!

I am carrying my favourite tennis racket complete with press , my Mum has the coats ( just in case) and my Dad is carrying everything else! I have been trying to work our how old my parents were, only late 40’s but don’t they look so much older compared with today? Fashion has changed hasn’t it?

Summervale was the estate of prefabs where we all lived. There were no road names, we all just lived in Summervale.


This photo shows our homes in Summervale, Ours on the left and yours on the right. Playing cricket are Gloria Dixon, batting. Me ready to catch the ball and Bobby Chambers behind me. Can't quite make out who the other boy is. Barry in the foreground does not looks like a very enthusiastic fielder does he? My Dad with arms folded looks like a proper umpire and Joe is ready to catch and run away with the ball if he can.

Take a close look at the gardens – beautifully kept and, I’m sure very pretty in colour.

Love Lane was a road in Ilminster just off East Street , up past the post office. We never lived there we just had friends who did. Your Mum and Dad lived at 28 Summervale, Ilminster, Somerset. Next door to us.

Hope you enjoy these Janice and get your girls to post a comment.


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  1. I will keep writing these comments until I know at least one has gone thro!!! New fangled things sometimes takes a while to sort them out. It has been good to read the blog about Summervale. I used to live there with my mum and Ruth & Norman Day, in the same prefab as my cousins June,Joan,Cynthia and Lesley Wakeham, along with their mum and dad Rose and Bill.How we all lived in one prefab I really do not know!!!I remember many of the names on the list, so will try and get to the reunion. We now live in Summerlands, which was part of the old Summervale.Look forward to seeing many "old" faces Cheers Allen Day


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