Monday, 8 August 2011

Instant Recognition

Went into town today to try to get a watchstrap ;  went in several jewellers but no luck as it is an unusual fix.

I was getting a little cross with myself having lost the spare links ( well, not lost more misplaced I think Ha ha) and as one lady was trying to find me a strap I thought I know you !

Do you know who this is?????


She has a brother who is my age and an older sister. Answers on a postcard to …………….

Only kidding. It is Christine Jolly who. like me still lives in Paignton. How she recognised me I will never know but she did – immediately despite the extra stones I have acquired over the years not to mention the wrinkles.

Her sister Valerie and brother Michael are well and I forgot to tell her that I met Michael in our doctor’s surgery last year. He lives in Chelston. He looks very much like his Dad who played the drums at STC – remember him?

Just for you Christine I will see if I have any photos of your family…………….

Your Mum in the sack race.

sack race

All three of you in this oneOld Friends - 1950

I’m not sure but I think this is your Dad in the back row on the right.

STC group

STC group

You will have to let me know.

Well, Mike wants his dinner so I had better turn off this laptop.

Lovely to see you Christine and love to your brother and sister too.


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  1. I remember Fred Wren as being the patriach of Summervale when it came to lighting the bonfire. No-one seemed to do anything until that point. Then as the fires burned low we put our potatoes at the base. Who remembers me jumping over the embers the day after Guy Fawkes night one year and burning my leg? Who else had to wait freezing at the top of sledging field whilst the dads 'tried' the sledges to make sure they were safe. Marion Cane nee Brown.


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