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Hello all Summervaleans
Before I moved to Summervale permanently in 1954, my brothers and I lived in Princes Risborough in Bucks. During last winter I came across an old photo of our my primary school football team from 1953. I began to wonder what had happened to the boys - I hadn't seen or had any contact with any of them since moving to Summervale. Where were they now, what had they done with their lives, what were they like now, and were they still alive? The outcome of all my reflections was a reunion of the team - half attended - just a few weeks ago. We had an absolutely brilliant day! Lots of reminiscing, a lunch together, a fascinating visit to our old school, a walk around our old haunts, and so on. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and we all wondered why we hadn't arranged it years ago. We have agreed to meet again next year!
Then the great thought came to me a few days ago. WHY DON'T WE HAVE A SUMMERVALE REUNION IN ILMINSTER!!! What do you all think? I would be prepared to organise it if enough people thought it would be worth trying. I should think the Shrubbery Hotel in Ilminster might make a suitable venue. We could meet, say, around lunchtime or a bit before, have some drinks and a meal, loads of reminiscing, a stroll round the Sunmervale site, etc. Whatever you like!
What do you all think? Is it worth giving it a go? Let's be hearing from you Summervaleans!
Peter Westmacott
I have often thought of doing this but, quite frankly, I never felt up to the organising of it.
If you would take it on Peter then I’m first on the list and I will send a copy of this post to those I have email addresses for and send a post card to those I only have addresses.
Anyone who looks in hear and is interested leave a message in the comments below.
First to reply - Bobby Chambers. See Comments


  1. From Bobby Chambers

    "Hi everyone - just found blog - better late than never!
    Thrilled to bits to rediscover you all!
    Up for any reunion!

  2. Hi Jean and Peter, hope you are well and thanks for the e-mail regarding the possible Summervale reunion. I will be passing on the information to my mum Edith (known as Edie and Ede) Drayton who was 89 in July - she has been poorly after breaking her shoulder in a fall and then contracting the Norwalk virus in hospital but is no recovering well. I will also let me brothers know - the oldest is Derek and the middle brother Michael - I am Robert, the youngest of three children. My dad Dennis sadly died seven years ago and we lived at Number 15. In fact I was born there in 1951 - a true Summervale boy then!
    Just a few comments regarding some of the request on the blogs:
    The photo of the children immediately below the photo of the ladies in the sack race - I believe it is brother Derek top left (I will check when I see him next).
    Regarding Derek Johnson, I vaguely remember that he passed away a few years back but will try and check that also.
    North Street School: this was the home for the infant boys and girls and the junior girls - the infangts went through the lefthand door and the junior girls throught he righthand door; when the infant boys were old enough they transferred to the junior boys school in Ditton Street (headmaster in my time was Tom Wade), the infant girls moved over into the junior girls section. After that, they would all go to either the boys grammer school in Silver Street, girls grammer school in Cross House behind the Minster, or the secondary modern in Ditton Street; a few might have gone to he convent in Chard. One of the teachers I remember at North Street was Mrs Kierstan - her son Richard (deceased) was in my class and he had a sister Peta; father Steve Kierstan was chief bull stockman at Horlicks cattle breeding centre. I also remember another teacher at Ditton Street junior boys was John Chislett.
    I hope that brings back a few memories - I have been writing a book about my life and times at work and play in Ilminster which I will get around to publishing some time and reading the blogs is great fun.
    Many thanks for reading and best wishes to one and all.
    Rob Drayton (incidentally, I became a grandad two months ago - I prefer to call myself grandude)


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