Thursday, 17 September 2009


Michael Mothersell What wonderful news, after posting Dianne Mothersele’s message about her brother Michael I heard from Gloria Dixon who told me she attended the funeral and thought it was either in Donyatt or Dowlish Wake. I passed this on to Dianne and she has now replied -

Hi Jeanni
Just to let you know I have located Michaels' grave. This weekend we  drove up to Ilminster and Donyatt. Michael was laid to rest in the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in  Donyatt on the 7th June 1954.
The warden remembers it very well, because he was there. I appreciate  the help from yourself and Gloria.

Coincidently, today I have heard from Mike Smith -

Have some info on Michael Mothersele if Dianne still wants it. He was my age and I remember several of us went to his last birthday when he was 10. He and the rest knew this would be his last but somehow it seemed okay since he was pleased to make double figures. He died in 1954 somewhere between March and April and the death is registered in Chard if Dianne does not know.


Michael, after all these years remembered by many with great affection.

image                   My Little Tribute to Michael – RIP.

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  1. Tripped over Peter Plumridge at the 19th hole at Churston a day or so ago and he mentioned this blog. Would never have believed a list of names could invoke so many fond memories. Must be a wealth of photos in the loft if I could pluck up the courage. In the meantime, what was the name of the cinema where for 6d a whole saturday morning could be lost?
    Cliff Hargest #37 1948 to 1958


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