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Mike Smith says -

I'm only 9 months older than yourself, but our paths did not cross many times directly. I should have read your blog more thoroughly before contacting. Now having done that, I see you are a born and bred Summervalian, where as I was just an immigrant. Well done for a very informative history. I just thought we were the first in Summervale !!. Just goes to show how little I knew about its beginnings.

We arrived at No.13 in late '46 and suffered the very cold winter of 46/47. I remember even the condensation froze in our bedrooms as well as the windows inside.

Winter 1951                 This photo was in 1951

What with coal rationing, can remember sleeping in the living room with just paper ashes glowing in the fireplace just to make it look warm !!. My parents wanted to go back the London where we lived during that period, so started the fortnightly run back to "town" on the Chard & Ilminster coaches (WAS THAT THE ROYAL BLUE COACHES I WONDER?) for the homesick Londoners which lasted quite a few years. But as we know, it never happened.

So I guess someone else lived in 13 before us. Again my parents hated 13 as unlucky, so for us, it was not as good for the first few years there, and I could have not mixed very well being an only "spoilt child". My best mates were Alan Powell, Clive Williams, Cliff Hargest, Michael Mothersele, Ken Laughton, all the Westmacotts. Then many of the boys with games of football, cricket etc on " the green" and "Rec" like Dave and Bob Chambers, Gary Everson, Tony Satchell etc etc. Note all the boys !!. Girls were only " their sisters" in the early days. Only later very near the end did I see the fairer sex in a different light and had several

"early teenage crushes"

for the girls in Ilminster, mostly from school, and only one from Summervale. Who was that ??.** The momentum increased however when we moved to Paignton !!??

** Answers on an email to ………….


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