Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I’m Off On Holiday

So that is why  this blog is going quiet for a while.

Back in the “old” days a holiday for me meant a week in a beach-hut at Lyme Regis which was fantastic.

me beachhut

Do you remember those crinkly swimsuits and I had a pair of flip flops which laced up my legs to my knees. Always was a bit of a trendsetter!

I loved to wake up to the sound of the waves on the beach and to go out with the fishing boats catching mackerel on a line. I used to dive off the Cob and play crazy golf with my Dad. And it was always sunny – wasn’t it?

There were also the day trips to Weymouth one year and Exmouth the next. I loved Weymouth and remember the fairground behind the coach park.

There were  swing boats on the beach , thee sea was always calm and there were little ripples in the sand which hurt your feet at first.

Mum would pack up a picnic including egg and tomato rolls, fresh from Tolleys the Bakers at the top of the road, and cold bread pudding – yummy.

Punch & Judy scared me to death, I  hated the crocodile and the policeman with his stick.

on thr beach G & me

Here I am doing my best to bury Gloria Dixon.

at the beach2 

And here with – from left to right -

Carol Brown. Gloria, me and Joan Brown. I’m not sure who organised these trips, I think some were through the Methodist Church but others must have been STC as our parents were included.

So, whilst I’m away please sort out your old photos and either send them to me by e-mail or by snail mail & I promise to return them.

Also let me have some of your memories – this blog is for all of us.

See you soon,


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