Wednesday, 2 September 2009


I was updating my stuff on Friends Reunited at the weekend ( Yes, I know get a life!) and was looking up the schools in Ilminster.

I found -

Wenda Richards who said -

coronation kidsD

Dear Jean
I have many happy memories of Summervale but what a disappointment when you go back. They've chopped down the tree in our garden...I fell out of it many times

Michael Smith who said -

coronation kidsB

Your bet is right Jean, do remember Summervale and have looked at your "blog" with some fantastic memory photo's. I lived at 13, and 87 in Spencer Road. My Dad Reg, and Mum "Dot" past on 30/20 years back. Was in contact with Mary Williams on this site some years back, she moved to Spain. Remember Eddy Vane ? thought he lived at the high 40's. Had info he's still around living in Brixham. I think he had a son Michael. Will fill out other info on the blog page.
Cheers for now,
Michael (now known as Mike by everyone) Smith

Maxwell Swayne -

Hi Jean, Thanks for the contact. You were nearly right - I lived in the corner house at the top of the lane above Summervale ( Brewery Lane / West Street ) from 1942 to 1964 . I married Angela Harris in 1964 and she remembers you from school !
We lived in Taunton from 1966 to 2000 and have been back in Ilminster since 2000.
I will have a look at your Summervale blog.
Best Wishes Maxwell Swain
( I had my doubts although the name was very familiar. I guess either Carol Richards or I fancied him!)

Others I found but still waiting for a reply - 

Joan Brown

David Westmacott

Mary Williams

Maureen Kearney

A few more photos' to wet your appetite



1 pre summervale copy

Pre 1943 before the bungalows were built

Another STC party .

I realise the photos are rather small but the layout will not permit anything larger.

I will try and link them to a bigger version if I can but that’s a bit technical for me so don’t hold your breath.

I know I can post slideshows but again that needs investigating.

In the meantime you can copy the image and blow it up in your photo software.


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