Wednesday, 27 January 2010

More from Peter

I enjoyed your pictures of the railway station and your story, plus the Taunton swimming pool piece. Brought back lots of memories! Sometimes we would go on the train to Taunton to watch Somerset play cricket. We would dump our bikes against the
fence at the station then pick them up when we got back in the evening. Of course, we never locked them! Didn't need to in those days! And none ever went missing.
Taunton swimming pool. I can still see the dreaded moment when someone pushed me in, I sank to the bottom then came up      coughing and spluttering. As a non-swimmer a very frightening experience! And I never went in a swimming pool again. So to this day I am unable to swim. Who was the guilty one?  Was it you Clive or was it Mike Smith?
I liked Cliff Hargest's comments on the cinema. Yes, all very exciting for 6d a go on a Saturday morning. It was called the Plaza -
grand sounding name for a fleapit. I think Mr.Parker ran it: he was the projectionist, ice cream man, ticket seller and keeper of the peace all in one!

He also used to cut the grass on his sit-down mower in the Rec; many a time he disturbed our games of    cricket! Packed with kids,the cinema was a very noisy place especially when some rascals were firing paper pellets at your head with their catapults! You very quickly learned to slump into your seat with your collar up! Sometimes you had to get to the cinema early otherwise life could be very uncomfortable. I remember we arrived late to watch "The Dambusters" (about 1956?) and we ended up in the front row, very close to the screen. Talk about neck-ache! Very,very painful. It spoilt the film for us so we ended up going the next night.
By the way Jean, my mother (Joan) is still alive at 87. She lives in Berkshire with my brother Paul. He never married nor did David who lives in Leeds where he runs his own business, a garage.
Keep the blog going Jean. It's all very exciting!

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