Monday, 25 January 2010


I came across this photo today of Ilminster Station



which evoked more memories.

Firstly, of being absolutely terrified as the enormous metal engine, spouting steam, pulled into the Station.

I would run into the waiting room and hide under a bench. I had a similar fear of Steam engines – good job I wasn’t a boy.

Secondly, I remember going to Taunton baths swimming, a group of us without any adult supervision.

Jean & Gloria Taunton baths

Ron Dixon was there this day.

Those were the days of corridors which we would run up and down until the guard caught us . Also  that strong brown leather strap with holes in it which lowered the windows. Once on the train I loved it – the smell of the smoke and the repetitive noise of the train on the tracks.

Yes, happy days.


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